What We Offer: An Independent Agency

Bringing you the freedom of CHOICE!

What does “independent” mean?

As an independent agency, we can offer insurance from many insurance companies, as opposed to a captive agency which only sells insurance for one company such as Allstate or State Farm. Independent agents provide huge benefits to our client that are not available when dealing with captive and online agencies. 


One of the most important benefits of an independent agency is that we can offer insurance from multiple companies at competitive rates, which give you the ability to choose the program that is best for you. This is particularly beneficial to you when you're initially shopping for insurance because you can obtain multiple quotes without the hassle of making repetitious phone calls, and upon renewal because we can offer a different program with another company where captive agencies would only be able to offer renewal terms with the same company. 


Working with an independent agent is far different from working with a captive or online agent. An independent agent is working with you in mind as our client, and is not beholden to sell insurance from any single company. This allows us the freedom to provide to you our honest and objective advice when recommending coverage. When you’re dealing with a captive agent, they can only sell insurance from one company and are therefore bias toward that company. This is important because it provides perspective from one company to the next and allows you to make the best possible decision when purchasing insurance.